Thursday, 7 February 2019

Who Gets the Say? (Post 5)

Honestly, I went into this idea of making curriculum with little consideration for how it was put together and all that happens behind the scenes. For me, I saw the creation of curriculum as some government people along with some educators compiling ideas and important topics into what they thought should be taught in schools. I didn't think that so many people and layers or policy would've been involved in the process but I guess it makes sense. As I read through the latest article, I was initially surprised at how many people play a part in the making of curriculum. All I could think about after was how picky people can be. Everyone has an opinion on what they think should be taught in school and to what level it should be taught at. I don't think there is a single person on earth who would have the exact same idea of what and how things should be taught. That being said, who gets the final say?
The government plays a huge role in how curriculum will be influenced, with the help of experts in different fields as well as other outspoken people. If you were to look at the curriculum across Canada, I feel as though the school boards also have a lot of say as to what gets taught in schools as there are different topics more important in certain areas then others. Even schools within the city of Regina teach very different topics. Some have a place to learn mechanics while others have a larger mathematics focus.
AS time goes on and our society gets more and more outspoken, I feel that parents and students are going to begin to have more of a say about what gets taught in schools. But where do we draw the line? How many people are we going to let influence curriculum before we lose all control? Having read this article, I feel as though I am left with more questions about who is deciding what is to be taught and to what extent because so many people feel they have the best idea. Should curriculum be more of a guide and left to each school discussing what would be best for them and their specific students or should we let the government make the final decision over all? Most people seem to come out of school doing well so I guess we ask humans must be doing something right as we continue to adapt to our ever changing society.


  1. Hi Brittany,

    I like your comment about how we should maybe let each school decide what is best for their students in that region rather than let the government make all the final decisions, since this is something I have also thought about in regards to curriculum building.


  2. I was also really surprised on how many influences there is on the creation of curriculum. Although, I do think that the government has the most pull on what deserves to be put into curriculums. But yeah I couldn't agree more on the fact that you said no one will have the same opinion on how curriculums should be ran, I couldn't image how stressful and hectic it would be in the creation of curriculum with so many opinions.